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I'm settling here in New Orleans.  I scored a nice place uptown right off the parade route on Prytania Ave. with a balcony.  Everyone is already getting ready for Mardi Gras!!  I'll be stocking up my bead supply... and apparently making

friends with a lot of people that may knock on my door to use my restroom...

I'm gearing up for the new year with the albums on the brink of release.  I'm working on a promotion right now on Instagram.  The first 20 new followers will get a free tracks to the new album "Ghost Inside."  10 free albums will be awarded

to the best creative photos that hashtag #ghostinside @philminissale  The winners will be chosen based on what the album title means to them.  For me, the 'Ghost Inside' is anxiety.  I don't see it or feel it all the time, but when I do, it can be terrifying. 

I've also set up a residency here in New Orleans at the Neutral Ground Coffeehouse as well!  I play m

ost Wednesday nights at 10 PM.  I update my schedule regularly.  Also, please be in touch.  I'm getting to know the city quite well, so let me know when you're in town and I'd be happy to meet up, get some culture, and "make groceries" together.  We'll attempt a classic New O

rleans meal, and walk down to Le Bon Temps Roulle and maybe see some Mardi Gras Indians play. 

Follow on Instagram @philminissale for the Free Downloads and Free Album Contest Rules! I'm looking forward to all the creativity and support!


All the best,

Phil Minissale




Hey all,

The albums are in the mixing and mastering process!!  Hopefully, I'll be able to give you a teaser of the material by mid October.  Jim Salamone at Cambridge Sound Studios has been working diligently to make it sound as tight as possible.  I already think it sounds great, but I do not have the ear of an engineer I suppose.  I am so grateful for his support and friendship throughout this whole musical journey.  My father would be very proud. 

In other news, I leave for New Orleans for the winter on Wednesday.  I've been a frequent traveler there and have decided it's where I want to be right now.  So, raise a glass of Sazerac! Cheers to a new adventure filled with food, culture, music, and entrepreneurial ventures.  If you have friends there, please link them to this page.  I already know the city fairly well, but I'm sure they know some lesser known gems they can share with me.  Also, please visit me friends!! I will miss New York and Phiadelphia greatly, but my old soul has channeled the music and charm of the deep south for some time.  Keep in touch on Instagram and Twitter by simply following me!  @philminissale

Laissez les bons temps rouler!!

I will be in touch!!!

All the best,

Phil Minissale

I've let the ball drop considerable on keeping you all updated on my shows and news.  However, there hasn't been many shows, unfortunately.  My father passed away in early March after a quick but courageous battle with cancer.  My grandfather then passed a month later.  So, it's been a rough few months, letting the waves of sadness ebb and flow into my days.  I've been feeling more motivated to get the new music to your ears, but a bit of time is necessary before I start performing again.  I'll be back out there to promote the new material this fall.

I'm cutting final vocals this week at Cambridge Sound Studios with my awesome engineer/producer, Jim Salamone.  All those that kickstarted the project; I have not forgot about you.  And I'm terribly sorry for the long wait on the material, but I will make it up to each and every one of you.  


Steven Minissale - Nov. 1, 1953 - Mar. 4th, 2013

Hey Folks,

The year is winding down, and the holidays are upon us.  It’s been a tough month for a lot of us, but we’ll ring in the new year with hope.  We can toast to those we’ve lost, and left behind.  We can toast to the future, the new experiences, new or continued love.   We’ll be better people this coming year.

As for me, I still have two projects in the studio slated to be finished around February.  All of you who have donated to the project, I greatly appreciate it.  The incentives have not been forgotten, and will be in the mail as soon as the finished product is in my hands.  I’m happy to announce the name of the album, ‘Ghost Inside,’ a collection of songs about overcoming anxieties and self-doubt.   The other project, ‘ ‘Feels so Good’ to pay tribute to Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee’ is a bunch of my favorite songs of theirs, accompanied by Ken ‘The Rocket’ Korb.  Both of these should be finished by the time I head up to Toronto for Folk Alliance International in late February.  As of now, I’m back up in New York, hanging out with my Dad.

I wish you all the best throughout the holidays, and a happy new year.  See you all in 2013.


Phil Minissale

Hey folks,

The lion share of the work on the new CDs is done.  Doing two full CDs at one time proved to be a daunting and exciting thing to do.  I had plenty of help from some fine musicians and I'm looking forward to working on the final mixes. Very special thanks go out to Jim Salamone at Cambridge Sound Studios. Jim's friendship and expertise is a true blessing. I also have to make shout outs to Craig Akin, Bob Beach, Ryan Berg, John Farrell, David Goodrich, Devon Greenwood, and Jon Paul who's musical contributions can not be overstated. They are all fantastic and made the whole process a real joy. I also had the great pleasure of working with Ken "The Rocket" Korb once again. Ken accompanied me on my first CD, Home to Me, back in 2008. This time we got to tear it up on songs written by Brownie McGhee. I'm hoping to get both these CD's released by year's end.

I had the opportunity to play a few festivals over the summer and look forward to getting back up on stage this fall. NACA-Mid-Atlantic, OCFF, NERFA and FAI are all on my schedule this year!

Here's an upcoming show that I'm particularly looking forward to with Brooklyn based singer/songwriter Jon Paul:

Friday, October 5th 

Kennett Flash in Kennett Square, PA

Come on out, see the show!  We'll have a great time.


I'll keep you posted as the (yet to be titled) CD's get closer to release.

Love and thanks to you all,




Hey Folks,

It's been a long time since my last update.  Unfortunately, my touring schedule is limited to only a few shows this summer, but I'be been enjoying my time away from traveling and staying put for a time.  The new CD is still in the works, and the rough mixes sound incredible.  I think you'll be presently suprised with the new direction the songs are heading! Not to be alarmed blues fans, I have another project in September that will feature only acoustic guitar and harmonica.

My IndieGogo campaigned worked out pretty well, with some very generous donations from friends, fans, and loved ones!  It may be bold to say, but I'm anticipating all the players to be tracked and mixed by the end of August.  So there will be a sneak peak, along with a complete website alteration, promotions campaign, house concert push, etc!!!

In the meantime, I will keep you posed on anything related to the CD and future shows throughout the rest of the summer. 

All the best,


Hey Folks,

It's been two months since my last update on the site.  Sorry for leaving you in the dark, but I'm sure if you're connected with me on any other social networking site, you can see that I've been quite busy.  Within the past fews months , I finished up some preproduction at the studio for the next full length, and went on a five week tour out to Folk Alliance in Memphis, down to New Orleans, and back up the east coast, stopping to visit friends, and play some of my favorite venues.  I ran into a bit of financial trouble due to car issues early in the tour, but thanks to technology I was able to stream a house concert from Atlanta through a nifty app called Ustream on my Iphone.  Many of you watched, and donated kindly to my paypal account so I was able to continue the tour back up the east coast!  I am so grateful for all your help!  The car is running beautiful now, so I don't expect to be in such hard times again, knock on wood. 

Folk Alliance in Memphis was inspiring as always.  I see so many friends running around from hotel room to room, guitars knicking corners, headstocks smashing faces, upright basses cracking kneecaps.. It sounds awesome, right?!  I had a formal showcase with Wepecket Island Records, and only one other showcase in a hotel room the rest of the weekend.  I prefer it that way, so I can leisurely walk around discovering new music myself, rather than hussling to the next showcase with a voice of gravel. 


The Canadians impressed everyone again with their incredible showcases, and hotel room suites.  Special thanks to Jack Radcliffe, Anna Creek, Joelle May, and Buckman Coe for making the conference really special!  Buckman Coe and I left Memphis together to tour our way down to New Orleans, where we spent several days singing at parties, gigging Frenchman Street, making new friends and connections throughout. 

The rest of the tour took me to Atlanta (thanks so much Trinh for hosting the concert!), New Bern, NC, Johnson City, TN, Charleston, WV (special thanks to The Carpenter Ants for being my backing band!! There is talk of cutting a CD together...), Thomas, WV (with the Steel Wheels!!), and lastly, crazy times as always in Baltimore, whew!



Now I'm back in the Philly area for the next few months, running my fundraising campaign for the new album.  I'll launch it by the end of the week.  I have lots of goals to meet, and I'm anxious for you all to hear what I've been working on.  In the meantime, I do have some shows in the Philly area, so sign up on the mailing list if you haven't already!!  I look forward to crossing paths soon. 

All the best,




Hey Folks, 

I had an amazing ten days in Israel!  I went on a program called Birthright, and since my mother's side of the family is Jewish, I had the opportunity to go for FREE!!  My brother Dean and I went with about 40 others, traveling from the south by Gaza Strip all the way up to the Lebanon border in the North!  I'll post all my photos on my facebook and a few more in my newsletter so if you're not already friends or on the mailing list, friend me and sign up!! 

I met up with radio DJ and organizer of the Jacob's Ladder Music Festival, Menachem Vinegrad from Radio Upper Galilee, and a few friends from back in the states I had no idea were in Israel at the time!  I plan on returning in May if I can manage to put together a tour and places to crash!  If you know people, and/or have connections, feel free to be in touch!! 

Back in the Philly area for a few weeks before leaving for a tour on February 17th!  See you soon!  

Hey Folks, 

With new years right around the corner, I thought I'd share this video with you! 

Hey Folks,


Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone enjoys their family time, turkey, tofurkey, or whatever traditions you have this Thursday!  This past week has been incredibly inspiring! I shared the stage with the Traveling Man himself, Roy Book Binder this past weekend.  And also stopped by at NACA NorthEast in Hartford, CT.  I learned new songs from Roy, and met some great college connections for potential gigs on college campuses! 

I'll be playing a couple shows this week: 

Concerts at the Beach House - Nov. 23rd









bring a snack to share 





(preview that special Thanksgiving dish)

& a donation for the performers


for reservations and directions







Saturday, Nov. 26th

@ The World Cafe Live at The Queen 

Wilmington, DE - 8:00 PM 

Hey Folks,

I am terribly sorry for not keeping you all up to date of my travels.  I didn't get around to send out an October newsletter, but those of you on the mailing list, you'll get a couple this month.  If you're not on the mailing list, join over on the left side of the webpage! 

So, I went to NACA Mid-Atlantic earlier this month in Buffalo.  It's an excellent opportunity to present for colleges either with a showcase or within an exhibition hall.  I rocked a handlebar moustache, gave out some notepads and temporary tattoos, and chatted with a bunch of inspiring, motivated students!  I hope to share my music with all the schools at the conference! 

From Buffalo, I shot across the border to Niagara Falls.  Majestic!  I volunteered at OCFF (The Ontario Council of Folk Festivals) at the Marriot Hotel overlooking the falls.  I joined about 700 others, roaming around the hotel, sharing music, and falling in love with voices.  I had some free time after the conference, so I decided to see Toronto with an incredible songwriter from Vancouver, Rick Buckman Coe.  Check out his music here.  I met up with new friends Dani, Allesandra, Joelle May and Kira at the Dakota Tavern, one of the best music venues in Toronto.  I had a bit more money, and a bit more time so I decided to drive up to Montreal with another new friend Cleo, a sweet beat-boxing songwriter!  I spent a few days there with her breakdancing friends who took me around to get the famous Montreal bagels, see the old city, and dance around a couple clubs.  I even showed the gals a few of my old breakdance skills for 7th grade. 

I spent one last night in Toronto, then a long twelve hour drive back to NY to play for a packed out Port Washington Library.  Now, I'm back in Philly, preparing for more time in the studio, until I leave for more conferences in November!!  I will certainly be in touch!

I want to thank Nissan Centra for making a vehicle to last almost 300,000 miles.  I know it could go a bit further, but I can't see myself putting any more money into the car.  So, as of last night while watching the road flare slowly burn in front of my broken down car, I've decided to start a relationship with a new vehicle. It's always tough moving on, considering the many trips we've traveled with that tape player insert thing that plugs into my discman... that's right, no shame here.  We've toured the past six years together, up to the top of Maine, the bayous of Louisiana, the beaches of Savannah, the Catskills of NY, many other places... and she was real patient in the many hours of traffic on the LIE, and Belt Parkway when I lived in Long Island. 

So, here's to new beginnings!!!  Now, I'll just keep saving up.  In the meantime, I could use the exercise on the bike.

I unfortunately had to cancel my gig at the Lansdowne Farmers Market this morning, but I promise it will be rescheduled for the early fall!  Thanks for the continued support, and I look forward to rolling into your town with a new ride sooner than later!



Hey Folks,

I've been meaning to write on the website for a little while now, and thank everyone for making this past tour so incredibly successful.  Your support over the past year contributed, whether it be you showing up to a show, or getting in touch with a friend to swing over to my show.  I played about twenty shows, and met so many generous people who quickly became great friends. 

I'll be laying low for a while in March and April, saving up some money for the new record.  I'll be recording it with Jim Salamone of Cambridge Sound Studios in Newtown, PA. I'm setting up a kickstarter later this month, and I'll send out the link on the mailing list.  If you're not on it yet, there is a link to join in the top left corner!!

I'll be in touch.


All the best,


Hey Folks,

Some 2,000 performers, presenters and others engaged in contemporary and traditional folk music are converging on Memphis, Tennessee for the 23rd International Folk Alliance Conference, February 16-20.

I will be among one of these 2,000 and am honored to have a showcase on Saturday evening.  From there the tour continues down to Mississippi then a few days in New Orleans, LA.  I will hop back on and update you folks after the conference!!

All the best,


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